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Enjoy and don't forget to test your ideas, inspired by the reading.

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Day 6 - Product Development

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Lunch with Asa Dotzler, Director, Product Management, Mozilla Corp, How to Build International Communities

2:30pm– 4:30pm

Sergey Burkov, Angel investor, Advisor to Start-Ups, Case Study


Nikolai Mitushin, ABRT Fund and Vera Shokina, Runa Capital, Participant case studies

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Программа и материалы семинара 17-18 декабря 2010 года, Москва - видно только участникам

Day 1

intro (Ilya Antipov)

lean canvas

business models

founder relations

Day 2

product types and market types (Nicolai Mitushin)


SEM 2010_12_18_kontekst.pdf


Day 3


Компания RIS Ventures является партнером Microsoft по программе BizSpark. Информация о преимуществах Microsoft и RIS Ventures для участников программы Biz Spark, и  условиях вступления в программу.

Day Four & Five - VC & Entrepreneurial Finance

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Session 1 - 3

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

With Daniel Zimmerman and Anna Otkina, SNR Denton

Session 3


Bill Tai, Partner, Charles River Ventures

Who is Getting Funded These Days? How to Get Ready to Raise a Round from Silicon Valley VCs?

Session 4


Betty Kayton, Experienced Startup CFO

Financial Planning and Model Overview

Session 1


Esther Dyson

Attracting and Retaining Co-Founders, Advisors, and Team



Networking Lunch

Session 2


Angelika Blendstrup, International Exec Communication Coach

Pitching VCs and Elevator Pitch

Session 3


Ilya Strebulaev, Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Company Valuations: Fundraising Scenarios

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Day 3 - Team and Culture

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Session 2


Andrew Filev, CEO, Wrike

Team and Culture Case Study



Lunch with Philipp Korn of TriNet and Laurie Lumenti of Silicon Valley Bank

How to Fit In and Take Advantage of your Partners and Network is Silicon Valley

Session 3


Sondra Card, Executive Recruiter, HR Director for Mayfield

Startup Organizational Structure, Compensation and Hiring

Session 4

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote

Team and Culture, Evernote Case Study

Session 5


Vivek Mehra, General Partner, August Capital, and Alex Miroshnichenko, Virsto Software



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Day 2 - Entrepreneurship

Notes and presentations available to site members

Session 1


Brian Jacobs, General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners

VIP Case Study: What’s on VC’s Mind While You Pitch

Session 2


Mark Iwanovski, General Partner, Trident Capital

Lesson Learned, Why startups fail?

Session 3

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, Serial Entrepreneur, Professional CEO, Coach

Master Class: Presenting to VCs (based on real-time work with 3 VIP companies within the group)

Session 4


Visiting Google Headquarters

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Day 1 - Intro

Participant introduction, questions and tasks for Week One (click to open larger image)

Highlights available to site participants - please login to read. Day 1 keynote speakers:

Session 3


Steve Blank, Serial Entrepreneur; Founder, Epiphany, Lecturer, Stanford University, Graduate School of Engineering, Four Steps to Epiphany


Session 5

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Jim Smith, General Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures 

MDV Investment Philosophy and Start Up Selection Process: Who is Getting Funded and What Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists are Looking For 

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