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Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

You rule. We create content. Very well.

Inventory management. Get it right. Right away.

Call center. In less than a minute. In the cloud.

Online tutors. For all purposes. On demand.

Facebook enabled. Travel experience sharing.

Great things are waiting to be experienced.

What do you want to achieve in the next
-ten years

How do you introduce yourself and what you do?
-To a 10-year-old
-To a Silicon Valley insider

What works well in the Valley:
Being cool, positive, even toned, etc.

What doesn't work:
No, I disagree, Do you understand?

Y- Combinator Experience

To get everyone using your product:
-Need to get startups using your product
To do that:
Y-Need to get a well-known company using your product

Meet with partners once a week - most of the time they have all of the
answers you need

PR is crucial - TechCrunch example

3-4 thoughts that we want to deliver
Draft and send to TC
TC will contact you for details

Create something people want, not what you do

It is 10 times easier to raise money if you are a YC alum
Its is easier to get press attention
Network is very useful - alumni help each other

Paul Graham is a very experienced and smart person - hard to outdo him
10 minutes to perfect a pitch
A great example of YC partners

Y-Combinator helps you cut off the parts and features that no one is
likely to use

What you do and how you are different from the rest - Unique Sales
Proposition - the most important question to answer


-Shares of stock represent some fraction of the company ownership
-Shareholders control the corporation
-Board of Directors represents them
-CEO reports to the Board
-Staff reports to CEO

Company generates revenue if CAC (customer acquisition cost) is less
than LTCV (lifetime customer value)

FF stock is an effective way for founders to gain liquidity

Options are only worth something if they are in-the-money

83B election - Long term capital gains instead of regular income -
Forward exercise

Price of common*8=Price of preferred (approx.)
For preferred: Liquidity preference (preferred shareholders may have a
right to sell first, at a multiple of the money they put in)

In entrepreneur-friendly deals the liquidity preference ratio is 1,
and the stock is non-participating (means they can either take their
invested money out, our sell for a proportional amount)

Series Seed - standardized documentation used to avoid the legal
iteration hassle

Benefits of the Valley
-Availability of capital
-Lots of other startups to learn from
-Availability of talent
-No "failure stigma"
-Lawyers, experienced in the startup business
-Range of partners

Learn sales/marketing - important for VCs
Be able to sell an idea before you execute

If you fail to raise money - find out why. Use VC meetings as a class
that will teach you what is wrong with your idea. Sometimes it can
take 95 revisions for a business plan to become a VC candy (as it was
with Kamran).

Why raise money when you are rich? To have third-party oversight, and
pressure that will challenge you and make you perform better.

Learn how to manage failure and evolve in the process - crucial success factor.

Develop a company that brings people together
Every company should look at itself as a global company, with global presence

Wealth is not about money, it is about what you do with it. Sometimes
it's about the smiles on other people's faces that make you happy -
they are more valuable then crude cash.

Wall Street Capitalism - Maximize shareholder profit (one constituent
- investor, speculation is the foundation)
Silicon Valley Capitalism - Innovation, product creation (four
constituents - shareholders, customers, employees,

Good HR combo for startups:
1) honest 2) smart 3) persevere 4) team-players 5) with a sense of humor

Innovation = Invention+ Opportunity

"Being early is the same as being wrong" - your idea has to be
marketed at the right time (when understood by the market)

Consumer technologies are being adopted by the enterprise rapidly (ex:
social elements of Salesforce, Jive, etc.)

For a technical solo founder - CTO - has to either
1) eventually become CEO
2) hire an outside CEO, and limit own role

-Has been used in business for years
(ex: titles, employee of the month, certificates of excellence)
-Great in motivating people
(those things actually mean something for them)

-get rewarded for learning how to use software
-you won't buy it unless you know how to use it
-by making you learn they convert you to a paid client

Reputation is the key - pay it forward.
Help people and people will help you.

Talk about complicated things in an easy way - American way

Be able to tell what you do in a clear sentence
-what you do
-why users will want it

Be able to explain WHY you are passionate about your product
-did you encounter the problem you are solving
-provide a real-life use case scenario

Refine your elevator pitch to fit the following template:
My company _____ is developing _______ to help ______ (solve a
problem) (with secret sauce)

Always mention existing customer base (if you have users)

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