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Deep Dive is hands-on educational program held in the center of technology entrepreneurship community, Silicon Valley. Deep Dive will help technology companies and investors extend their business operations overseas by establishing partnerships and connections, setting up local presence, and accelerating cross-border business development.

Deep Dive is brought to you with the support of ABRT Venture Fund, Runa Capital, Microsoft Corporation, and Russian Venture Company. It is organized by RIS Ventures with Global Technology Symposium, Silicon Valley.


Who Will Benefit

Technology Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs:

  • Early and growth stage Internet or software companies looking for US business and channel partners
  • Companies planning to adapt products and expand sales for US market
  • Internet and software startups around the world with international ambitions
  • Early and growth stage companies setting up operations in the US
  • Mature companies planning a spin-off of innovative products for global markets
  • Startups seeking best practices to attract and close an investment round
  • Technology competent team in discovery of world scalable business model

Private Investors and Investment professionals:

  • Local (regional) venture funds seeking co-investment partners
  • Venture funds looking for next rounds of investments in their portfolio projects
  • Venture funds interested to acquire best practices from Silicon Valley funds
  • Venture funds planning to scale portfolio projects to global markets

Program Format

Deep Dive program shaped to facilitate understanding of how Silicon Valley works for global companies includes successful entrepreneur stories, networking with Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investment communities, case discussions, project pitches, company visits, after hour’s parties, Stanford/Berkeley campus visits, VC meetings, company exit examples, and presentations from founders operating in both global regions and Silicon Valley.

Deep Dive training sessions are delivered by investors, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs, and expert guest speakers. Moderated team discussions will be used to help participants assimilate the rich information content.

Deep Dive VIP status allows participants to use their own projects, situations, and problems as program case studies with the participation of Silicon Valley experts.  VIP participant also will have an exclusive coaching session with venture capitalists and technology professionals. Project Pitch Session would allow participants to present projects in front of Silicon Valley investors to get feedback and opportunity to attract investment interest.


Deep Dive Sponsors and Partners

Deep Dive program is brought to you with the support of ABRT Venture Fund, Runa Capital, Microsoft Corp. and Russian Venture Company. It is organized by RIS Ventures with Global Technology Symposium, Silicon Valley.

Important Dates

Deep Dive will be held in Silicon Valley from March 17 to March 27, 2011.

  • Submission Deadline – February 28th
  • Recommended VISA Application by – February 28th
  • Deep Dive (Silicon Valley) March 17 – 27th

Deep Dive Fee

The fee for the Deep Dive program is $4,000 U.S. for LIVE and $6,000 U.S. for VIP participants. Fees are due within 3 days of the invoice date or upon receipt of the invoice if admission is within 10 days of Deep Dive start date.

Contact Information

To enroll Deep Dive program, please contact:

Anastasia Lee
Education Program Coordinator
tel.: +7 495 766 3088

Подготавливаясь к интернет-гараж придумали картинку, иллюстрирующую идею проектов-копий, типа Facebook-Вконтакте, Classmates-Одноклассников, Brands4Friends-KupiVIP, Groupon - (Biglion, Darberry), Zappos-Sapato и т.д.

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  2. насколько понятен такой формат подачи информации ?

Картинка в хорошем качестве (PDF) доступна для загрузки участникам сайта.

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8 Cubes in Action!

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Enjoy and don't forget to test your ideas, inspired by the reading.

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Day 6 - Product Development

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Lunch with Asa Dotzler, Director, Product Management, Mozilla Corp, How to Build International Communities

2:30pm– 4:30pm

Sergey Burkov, Angel investor, Advisor to Start-Ups, Case Study


Nikolai Mitushin, ABRT Fund and Vera Shokina, Runa Capital, Participant case studies

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Программа и материалы семинара 17-18 декабря 2010 года, Москва - видно только участникам

Day 1

intro (Ilya Antipov)

lean canvas

business models

founder relations

Day 2

product types and market types (Nicolai Mitushin)


SEM 2010_12_18_kontekst.pdf


Day 3


Компания RIS Ventures является партнером Microsoft по программе BizSpark. Информация о преимуществах Microsoft и RIS Ventures для участников программы Biz Spark, и  условиях вступления в программу.

Day Four & Five - VC & Entrepreneurial Finance

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Session 1 - 3

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

With Daniel Zimmerman and Anna Otkina, SNR Denton

Session 3


Bill Tai, Partner, Charles River Ventures

Who is Getting Funded These Days? How to Get Ready to Raise a Round from Silicon Valley VCs?

Session 4


Betty Kayton, Experienced Startup CFO

Financial Planning and Model Overview

Session 1


Esther Dyson

Attracting and Retaining Co-Founders, Advisors, and Team



Networking Lunch

Session 2


Angelika Blendstrup, International Exec Communication Coach

Pitching VCs and Elevator Pitch

Session 3


Ilya Strebulaev, Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Company Valuations: Fundraising Scenarios

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