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No VC in the last five years has funded an on-premise software play (only SaaS)


Generate buzz

Focus on specific customers


Organizations have "sales barriers"


SaaS suppliers should be using data center providers with biometric security and guards with guns


Read Geoffrey Moore - Crossing the chasm


Developing value proposition:

-Problems solved

-Test and rank

-Get a shorter list of problems

-Test and rank again

-Have 1-2 problems left on the lists

-Before/After (comparison of the prop)

-Value hallucination (distinguish between assumptions and facts)

-Value premise

-Value Matrix


-Testing with prospects

-Closing orders



Inability to express value you are providing is the biggest problem


A non-buyer who does not take up your time is valuable

A non-buyer who does take up your time is bad for business


Check out the materials at Marketo website


Filtering model - determine who is likely to buy, and focus on them


Focus not or features but on how you can improve their business


SaaS - Analytics-driven development (analyze usage and adopt product)



Founder sells first - 1st Client (Discovery)

Executive team - 3-4 Clients (Learning)

Sales team - >20 (Execution)


Give the privilege of becoming your customer to someone :) (if you are selling to enterprise clients, you are closing a limited amount of deals)


Be cautious about implementing freemium model in B2B (conversions are very low)



Departmental Solution

-Solve a problem of one department and then expand into the other ones

-Free trials do not generate much sales



Go back to your customers after they use your product for a while and ask them what they really think about it and how they are using your product


When adjusting value proposition, make sure to include real-life statistics on how you helped your customers improve revenue, decrease costs, etc.


Use numbers:

(Ex.:Deploy a call center 97% faster, 70% cheaper, and save 2 hours of wasted time (per employee per day))

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