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International Branding Strategy Discussion. Tony Wessling, Managing
Principal, Chromium Brands

US: Be green. Save money.
hK: Purify and cool the air.
RU: Ice box + Ice queen
SG: Happy and prosperous
IN: Bollywood dreams
MX: Colorful fiesta
IT: Bella cucina
CH: Clean and orderly

Product & image are adopting to the culture.

15:00 Rabobank & US expansion

20:04 Relevance - Companies like Apple and Google control the
distribution of YOUR products

25:05 Difference in values - Marlboro cowboy example

26:50 Music is universal, people are different

Narrative can make or break a company (Chicken truck example)

Failure is opportunity - you just have to find out what this opportunity is

Rational - We build this
Emotional - So this can happen
Mission, character, personality - associate your brand with them for
better rapport

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