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Learn sales/marketing - important for VCs
Be able to sell an idea before you execute

If you fail to raise money - find out why. Use VC meetings as a class
that will teach you what is wrong with your idea. Sometimes it can
take 95 revisions for a business plan to become a VC candy (as it was
with Kamran).

Why raise money when you are rich? To have third-party oversight, and
pressure that will challenge you and make you perform better.

Learn how to manage failure and evolve in the process - crucial success factor.

Develop a company that brings people together
Every company should look at itself as a global company, with global presence

Wealth is not about money, it is about what you do with it. Sometimes
it's about the smiles on other people's faces that make you happy -
they are more valuable then crude cash.

Wall Street Capitalism - Maximize shareholder profit (one constituent
- investor, speculation is the foundation)
Silicon Valley Capitalism - Innovation, product creation (four
constituents - shareholders, customers, employees,

Good HR combo for startups:
1) honest 2) smart 3) persevere 4) team-players 5) with a sense of humor

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